LinkedInNewsJean-Pierre LABRY elected as Co-President of Globallians

June 28, 2021by ExportPulse

Export Pulse’s Founder & CEO Jean-Pierre LABRY, is elected as Co-President of the Globallians network for the next two years along with Maryline Bertheau-Sobczyk – Poland and Eastern Europe Expert.

A summer convention sharing a common objective: to accompany the French companies in the 73 countries, which we cover with our 450 locally based employees; A real force for French companies, especially in these complicated travel times.

Globallians is also a human dimension, recognised expertise in our ecosystem in France and abroad and of course a growth accelerator for our clients to whom we share our knowledge of the markets. All the members of Globallians have an average of more than 15 years of experience with exceptional operational support services in their respective countries 👍

Congratulations 👏 to the founding members Maryline Bertheau-Sobczyk – Expert Poland, Eastern Europe Camille VERCHERY 🇫🇷🌎🇨🇳 Cédric FROMONT – Expert Poland and Eastern Europe Emmanuel Bisi Ilker ONUR for your vision and thank you to all the members for their commitment and trust in designating Jean-Pierre Labry as Co-President.

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