With eight centuries of excellence, this university is one of the largest in France. It is destined to become one of the great centres of research and knowledge in 21st century Europe. Today, it welcomes approximately 40,000 students in 14 Training and Research Units and 5 Institutes. It offers a full range of excellent training in the fields of Law and Political Science, Economics and Management, and Arts and Humanities.

A leader in private higher education in France, this school offers a multidisciplinary, multi-campus and multi-format educational model, oriented towards multi-skilling. Founded on a culture of innovation and responsible entrepreneurship, it aims to prepare its graduates to imagine global solutions to the economic, societal and environmental challenges of our contemporary world.The school is located in France in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Beaune and Chambéry-Savoie. Internationally, it is present in London, Monaco, Geneva, San Francisco and Abidjan.

This private higher education institution is based on three campuses (Carnot, Saint Paul and Annecy). It trains nearly 11,000 students and auditors, including 1,000 foreigners. It offers 130 courses, including 57 degree courses from Bachelor’s to Doctorate, 31 Master’s courses, 12 RNCP level I titles, several Bachelor’s degrees and DU.

A private school recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, training for the fashion industry. It was founded in 1841, making it the oldest fashion school in the world. The group offers a three- or five-year course in fashion design and pattern making, which is recognized by the French government at the level I and II, as well as a course in the fashion business. The network currently has five schools in France in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Rennes and Roubaix and a total of 20 schools worldwide in the following cities: Beijing, Guangzhou, Beirut, Istanbul, Damascus, Dubai, Jakarta, Kuala-Lumpur, Moscow, Kyoto, Tokyo, Oslo, Seoul, Sousse and Tunis.

Results Driven Data

Results Driven Data

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