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The company is a high-tech medical company listed on the Nasdaq, which develops, manufactures and markets minimally invasive medical devices using ultrasound technology for various medical applications and offers a wide portfolio of complementary distribution products in urology. They had a turnover of about 1 million euros in 2019.

This is your partner in washing, hygiene, decontamination and sterilization. Their wide range of products and services will allow you to provide an adequate answer to your internal problems and a real accompaniment, in a personalized global approach. They had a turnover of 10 million euros in 2019.

This group imagines, develops and manufactures medical devices that enable everyone to become an active participant in their own health. Its expertise covers mainly the fields of orthopaedics, medical compression and home care. It also offers a specific range of products for athletes. The company, with 2,100 employees, has a turnover of 215 million euros, 40% of which is generated internationally. The Group is currently present in 85 countries, notably through its 15 subsidiaries in Europe and the United States.

The company is an eCommerce company located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, specializing in the worldwide distribution of medical and cosmetic products. Operation and Promotion of medical and cosmetic contact lenses via a store.

This company is an innovative industrial SME, the first French manufacturer of ultraviolet water treatment equipment and the European leader in the private and collective swimming pool and spa market. With more than 70 employees in France, the group designs manufacture and markets ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection systems and concepts adapted to numerous applications. With a turnover of nearly 12.4 million euros in 2018, the group markets its systems worldwide: 50% of the group’s sales are made in export.

First World Network fragrance and cosmetic industry. Recognized as a cluster by the State in 2005, the role of the cluster is to help the fragrance and cosmetic industry in the sector. It’s the 1st World network for cosmetology research: 300 research projects worth 350 million euros, 8 universities, 8 000 searchers, 200 laboratories and 100 000 students.

This company, with a turnover of 9 million euros, designs, creates and manufactures lines of cosmetics and accessories. Since its foundation, the group has developed close partnerships through exclusive licenses, with recognized brands, of international or regional fame, from the worlds of cosmetics, fashion, design or spa. They offer hospitality products for a hotel that reflect your image, perfectly adapted to your needs and respectful of nature.

The company is a perfume creation house that produces perfume compositions for different industrial sectors: perfume, cosmetics, ambience but also detergents. This family business was one of the pioneers of perfumery and contributed to the development of the reputation of French perfumery.

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