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Packaging specialists in various forms, in 2019, they produce a turnover of more than 31 million euros, they offer technological and industrial solutions that adapt to your production needs and your finished product. As well on the subject of packaging machines as on the level of packaging R&D, they are able to respond to your projects of sealing, thermoforming and/or line and process thanks to their expertise.

A company offering packaging solutions to the dairy and food industries. With a turnover of over 81 million euros in 2019, their services range from the manufacture of packaging, filling and capping, dosing and sealing, to multifunctional blocks. They are present on dairy products, household, DIY, or others.

A French company that is present in 42 countries, through 20 subsidiaries and a vast network of agents. They had a turnover of over 136 million euros in 2020. The group has six production sites in France, Morocco, Scotland, the Netherlands and India and employs a total of more than 1000 people. From design to maintenance, the group covers 100% of the needs of professionals in weighing.

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Results Driven Data

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